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1. Study On Non-Linear Goal Program Model And Its Application In Decision Analysis Of Using Foreign Capital
2. Research On Developing Scale Economies And Cultivating Competitive Advantage Of Township And Village Enterprises
3. A Study On The Exportation Of Small And Medium Sized Enterprise In Industrial Sector
4. The Research Of Industrial Organization Of Chinese Shipbuilding Industry
5. Local Government Investment In China
6. Coordinated Growth Research Of Real Estate Industry And National Economy
7. Researches On Audit Quality Of Listed Companies
8. The Study On Claims Of Large-Scale Mechanical And Electrical Engineering Project
9. The Sustainable Development Of Fisheries And Environment In Taihu Lake
10. Study On Enterprise Information Model For Large-scale, Single-piece And Small Batches
11. On The Issue Of The National Debt In China
12. How To Transform From The Traditional Road Goods Transport Enterprises To The Modern Logistics Enterprises
13. Study On Corporation Boundary Theory And Application
14. Driving Mechanism Of Land Use Change And Simulation Of Spatial Pattern Change On County Scale
15. A Study On The Risk Of International Investment To Large-Scale Construction
16. The Theoretical And Practical Research On Optimal Scale Of Fiscal Revenue
17. Methodology And Application For Construction Schedule Analysis To Large Scale Project
18. Research On Local Operation And Transnational Operate About Small-and Medicm-scale Enterprises Of Taiwan--Use As Transnational Operate Of Demonstration, About Go To Vienam's Hardware Work F Taiwan
19. The Study On The Current Chinese Implicit Leadership Theory
20. Study On Industrial Organization Of Agricultural Products Processing In China
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