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1. On The Discrepancy Of Criminal Penalty
2. Analyze 《the Higher People's Court Sentencing Guidelines In Jiangsu Province》
3. Intentional Homicide Sentencing Benchmarking Studies
4. On Ways Of Sentencing Standardized From Computer Sentencing
5. Standardized Sentencing Issues
6. Research On Sentencing Model
7. The Method Of Deifning The Criterion Of Sentencing
8. The Theory Of Sentencing Benchmark
9. Sentencing Benchmark Established Methods Of Research
10. Study On Several Problems Of Sentencing Benchmark
11. Re-thinking About The Sentencing Methods
12. Study On The Standardization Of The Crime Of Environmental Pollution
13. The Basic Problem Of China's Sentencing Standardization
14. Research On Several Problems Of Reference Punishment
15. Investigation On The Dilemma And Improvement Of The Standardized Penalty Measure
16. An Empirical Study Of Non-national Official's Bribery's Sentencing
17. Research On The Reform Of Sentencing Standardization In China
18. Practical Problems And Solutions Of Sentencing Standardization
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