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1. Power Structure And Individual Action: A Study Of Civil Servants' Daily Official Behavior
2. Innovate The Modern State From The Local Government
3. A Study On The Corporate Governance Structure Of Chinese Public Universities
4. Research On Soft Power In China
5. Focusing On The Party As The Center: Research On The Governance Structure Of China 's Social Resistance
6. Research On The Company 's Legal Form
7. Western Marxist Class Theory And Its Contemporary Value
8. Bureaucracy And Autonomy: Government Decision - Making, Execution And Supervision
9. Ethnic Mobilization: Structure, Mechanism And Process Research
10. A Study On The Issue Of Corruption In The Chinese Communist Party
11. On Capital Structure Strategy
12. Study On Industrialization Of High Technology
13. Studies On Organizational Structure And Economic Performance Of Tea Industry
14. The Research On Optimizing The Natural Monopolistic Lndustrial Organization In China——Take Water Supplying,Gas Supplying Through Pipeline,Railway Transportation, Electric Power And Telecom Lndustrial Organizations As Examples.
15. Study On Non-Linear Goal Program Model And Its Application In Decision Analysis Of Using Foreign Capital
16. Economic Growth, The Evolution Of The Industry Structure And Its Impact To The Environment
17. The Study On Capital Backing Strategy Of Industrial Structure Adjustment
18. Comparative Advantage And Production Structural Adjustment In Chinese Agriculture
19. The Evolution And It's Motive Force Of Economics System
20. Research On Capital Structure Of China's Listed Company
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