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Keyword [the principle of "the unification of subjectivity and objectivity"]
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1. On The Compensation For Infringement Damage
2. The Evolution Of American Principle Of Maritime Navigation And Its Influence On The Development Of US Navy (US Founding - The End Of World War
3. A Study On The Changes Of Contemporary Chinese Parliamentary Relations
4. A Study On The National Identity Of Minority Nationalities Under The Regional National Autonomy
5. The Choice Of Basic Principles Of Commercial Law And The Application Of Judicature
6. A Study On The Principle Of Maximizing The Interests Of Minors In Family Lawsuit
7. On The Pricing Theory Of The Risk Assets Based On The Principle Of Essential Arbitrage Is Not Allowed
8. International Harmonization And Unification On Competition Rules
9. On The Principle Of Constitution
10. Newly Changed Security Environment Surrounding The Korean Peninsula And The Future Of The USFK
11. Research On The Principle Of Proportionality In Public Law
12. The Europeanisation Of German International Private Law
13. Approach To The Principle Of Reliance In Criminal Law
14. Study On The Principle Of Non-Intervention In The Internal Or External Affairs Of Sovereign States
15. A Study On Framework Convention On Climate Change
16. Thesis On Damages And Compensation For Vessel-Source Pollutions
17. Contemporary Explainations Of Marx's Social Communication Theory
18. Research On The Principle Of National Treatment Under The WTO System
19. On The Principle Of Proportionality In WTO Law
20. A Study On The Jurisprudence Of "the Principles Of International Commercial Contracts"
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