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1. A Study On The Social Transformation In The Shaanxi - Gansu - Ningxia Border Region (1937-1947)
2. The Analyses On The Contradictions Between Masses And Cadres In Rural China During The Social Transformation
3. Study On The Governmental Responsibility Of Protecting Socialvulnerable Groups In Chinese Transformation Period
4. The Social Transformation Of The Social Security System
5. The Social Transformation Of The Prevention Of Corruption
6. The Social Transformation And The Remoulding Of Governmental Integration Mechanism In Contemporary China
7. The Crime And The Control: On The Floating People In Cities In The Course Of Chinese Social Transformation
8. The Ideology Political Education Of The Unemloyed City Females During The Social Transformation
9. On The Government Crisis Management And Its System's Setting Up In China During The Period Of The Social Transformation
10. Research On The Transformation Of The Social Status Of The Chinese Private Entrepreneur Stratum After Reform
11. On The Leadership-Way Of Human-Orientation During The Social Transformation In China
12. The Research On The Value Conflicts And Measures For China's Public Policy During The Social Transformation
13. A Tentative Efficiency Analysis Of The Local Governance In The Process Of Social Transition In China
14. Analyzing Causes Of The Reform Of The County-level Governmental Administrative System During The Social Transformation Period
15. The Thinking Of CCP's Political Legitimacy Problem During The Social Transformation
16. The Research Of The Comprehensive Renovating And Supervising System Of Community Police In The Social Transformation
17. Research On The Party's Ability Of Social Conformity In The Period Of Social Transformation
18. On The Moral Construction Of Elite Group In The Social Transformation Of China
19. The Problem And The Counterplan Research Of Development Of The Charitable Organizes In The Social Transformation Period Of China
20. The Research Of Chinese Peasants' Informal Institutional Behavior During The Social Transformation Period
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