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Keyword [theoretical base]
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1. The Research On Economic Transition Of The Colliery City
2. On The Theoretical Base Of Deng Xiao-ping's View Of Socialism
3. A Study On The Building Of Service-oriented Township Governments In China
4. Research On Chinese Corporate Reorganization
5. Probe Into Mao Tse-tung's Thought On Reforming Socialist Economical System
6. A Preliminary Research Concerning Reduction Of Holding State Stocks: From Legal Perspectives
7. A Study On Punishment Scope For Attempted Crime
8. Hanfei-zi's Legal Philosophy Thinking
9. China's Procuratorial Organs To Bring A Civil Action Research
10. China's Juvenile Delinquency To Suspend Prosecution Of Research
11. From The Legal Nature Of The Legislative Direction Of The One-man Company
12. The Establishment Of Relative Privilege Rights System In China
13. On The Influence Of The Victim Faulty Behavior To The Criminal Responsibility Of The Crime
14. About The Research On The Enhancement Of Peasants’ Ideological And Political Work
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