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Keyword [Permanent Establishment]
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1. Study On Tax Policy Based On Electronic Commerce
2. The Study Of Taxation On Cross-border Transaction Income Derived From E-business
3. Research On Taxation Problems Under Electronic Commerce
4. The Research On Income Tax Jurisdiction Under The Multinational Electronic-Commerce Conditions
5. A Study Of The Law Problem Of Applying The Permanent Establishment Asserting Regulations In Transnational E-Commerce
6. Taxation Of Electronic Commerce: Conflict And Countermeasure
7. Study On The Problem Of Attribution Of Profits To A Permanent Establishment In Context Of E-Commerce
8. Research On Taxation Law Regulator Of "Permanent Establishment"
9. The Influences Of OECD On The International Tax Law System And The Recommendations
10. On The Establishment Of A Legal System Of International Taxation Jurisdiction In E-commerce
11. Study On The Jurisdiction Of Transnational E-Commerce Taxation
12. Study On "Triangular Cases"
13. Research On Legal System About The International Tax Collection And Management Under Electronic Commerce
14. Study On Legal Issues Of The Application Of 183 Day Rule
15. Study On Legal System Of The Value Added Tax In Electronic Commerce
16. On The Approaches To Attribute Profits To Permanent Establishment
17. On The Research Of The Rules Of The Permanent Establishment In The Cross-border E-commerce
18. The Impact And Replay For International Taxation Of The Derivates
19. Permanent Establishment Under The E-commerce Research
20. Under E - Commerce Discussion On Tariffs
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