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181. Institutional Evolution Research On Hi-Tech Economy
182. Research On Innovation Of Enterprise Organization Architecture Under New Technology Revolution
183. Research On Urbanization In National Area Of West China
184. Research On China State-owned Enterprise's Transaction Costs
185. On Indian Economy And Its Economic Development Strategy
186. Research On Planning & Evaluating Method For Track Traffic Under China's Sustainable Development Strategy
187. Research On Agricultural Risk Management On The State-owned Farm
188. Research On Off-Balance Sheet Activities Of Commercial Banks
189. Study On Agriculture Extension Theory And Practical Development In China
190. A Research For The Contemporary Russia-Indian Relations: From The Psychological Character Perspective
191. Research On Standardizing Related Laws Of The Enterprise Groups
192. Research On The Construction Of Chinese Vocational Personality Sorter (CVPS)
193. A Study On The Investment Strategy Implementation Model Of Foreign Invested Enterprises In China--Based On VTech's Practice And Exploration
194. The Research On Enterprises' Tax System Optimization
195. The Research On The Establishment And Management Of The Institution-transformed Company At Country Level In GuangZhou City
196. Research On Eco-tourism Industry In China
197. Research On The Transformation Of Circulation Channels
198. Research On The Reform Of Corporate-Income Tax And Its Accounting Issue
199. Mechanism And Phenomenon Research On Enterprise Bionics
200. Research On Theory Of Evidence Based And Internet Oriented Intelligent Decision Support Systems
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