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181. Study On The Institution Missing And Innovation Of Government Emergency Information
182. The Research On Chinese Institution Of Selling Right Being Exclusive To Government During The Transitional Period Juxin
183. The Legal Institutional Innovation For Right Of Land Rental Mortgage
184. Study On Education In Socialist Democracy And Legislation During Land Circulation
185. The Normalized Research About Institutional Innovation Of Local Government
186. Study On The Reform Of The Separation Of Management And Running Of Public Welfare Institutions In China In The View Of Public Governance
187. A Study On Peasant Cooperation Of Rural Public Goods
188. A Study On The Overall Co-ordination Of Planning Domestic Major Social And Economic Issues Under The Guidance Of The Scientific Development Concept
189. The Research On The Problem Of Rural Institution Reform In Ethnic Areas
190. Urban Community Construction Institutional Innovation Research
191. Crack The Problem Of Dual Management System Of Urban Fringe Areas
192. The Study Of Spiritual Recovery In Public Crsis Management
193. Public Participation In China’s Middle East Foreign Policy Making: Impact And Institution
194. Urbanization In The Study Of The Villagers
195. The Communist Party Of China Inner-party Democracy At The Grassroots Level System Construction Research
196. Research On Competition Among Local Courts In Contemporary China
197. Studies Of Marx’s Innovation Theory And It’s Contemporary Development
198. Research On The Institutional Innovation Of Local Government In China
199. A Study Of The Development Of Socialist Deliberative Democracy With Chinese Characteristics
200. Rural Governance And Township Institution Reform
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