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181. City And Countryside Basic Public Service Even Equalization Realization Machine-Made Question Research
182. Studies On The Service-oriented Government Responsiveness Mechanism
183. On The Township Public Service Under The New Rural Construction Background
184. Shaanxi Province Electron Government Affairs Development Present Situation And Countermeasure Research
185. A Study On The Public Service Capacity Of The County Governments
186. Research Of Non-profit Organization's Participate In The Outsourcing Of Public Service
187. Research On The Transformation Of Town Government Function
188. Research On The Relation Of Local Government Public Services And Social Development
189. Study On The Construction Of Public-service Oriented Government
190. Study On The New Generation Peasant Workers' Citizenization
191. A Research Of Construction Of Men Of Urban Community In China
192. Research On E-government Under The Philosophy Of Service-oriented Government
193. The Function And Improvement Strategy Of Performance Evaluation Under Public Service-oriendted Government Constructiong
194. The Analysis Of Contemporary Chinese Public Administration Model
195. Research Of Reform Of Public Service Unit From The Angle Of Public Service
196. The Present Situation, Questions And Measures Research Of China's Public Service For E-government
197. Research On The Cooperation Between Government & NGOs Which Based On Public Service Area
198. The Idea And The Mentality Of The Chinese Service-oriented Government Constructing
199. Comment On Our Country Government Lawyer System
200. The Method Of Research On Building Up The Public Servicing Government
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