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21. Mudanjiang Sustainable And Efficient Agricultural Development Model
22. Zhejiang South Korea And Japan Agricultural Modernization Level And Support System Is A Comparative Study
23. Agricultural Modernization Process Measure And The County Scale Case Studies
24. Three Generations Of Collective Leadership Of Agricultural Modernization Thought
25. Analysis Of New Wujin Agricultural Modernization
26. Legal Study On The Circulation Of The Right To Land Contractual Management Of Rural Collective Land In China
27. The Improvement Policy Of Farmer Professional Co-Operatives In The Legal System Of Modernization Of Agriculture
28. Mao Zedong Rural Construction Thought
29. Research On Agricultural Modernization Thinking Of Deng Xiaoing
30. Mao Zedong’s Inquiry And Conception Of China’s Agricultural Modernization
31. The Research About The Behavior Of Local Government In Strategy Implementation Of "Urbanization,Industrialization And Agricultural Modernization Synchronous" Simultaneous Development
32. Study For Northern Wilderness Spirit Heritage Of Heilongjiang Reclamation Area Agricultural Modernization
33. Research On Mao Zedong’s Ideology Of Agricultural Modernization After The Founding Of New China
34. A Theory Research On The Coordinate Development From Karl Marks And Friedrich Von Engels And The Theory Localization In Henan
35. Countermeasures Study Rural Issues Top Design Perspective
36. Research On The Pension Mechanism Under The Background Of Industrialization,Urbanization And Agricultural Modernization
37. Study Of Agricultural Development On The Background Of Rural Hollowing Out
38. Research On Improvement Of Township Government’s Public Service In The Scope Of Argicultural Modernization
39. Studying The Role Of Local Government In The Process Of Agricultural Modernization In Wuzhong District Of Suzhou
40. Agricultural Modernization Under The Perspective Of Research Of The Modern Consciousness Of Peasant
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