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21. Discussion On The Perfection Of Guarantor Pending Trail System
22. Expanding The Adopting Scale Of The Guaranteed Pending Trial System
23. On A Guaranteed Pending Trial
24. The Construction Of Guaranteed Pending Trial Procedure In China
25. Research On Improving System Of Release Upon Bail Pending Trial In China
26. Research On The Perfect Of Guaranteed Pending Trial System
27. On The Improvement Of The System Of Obtaining Guarantee And Pending Trial In China
28. On Completing System Of Awaiting Trial On Bail In This Country
29. To Adopt Character Evidencein Guarantor Pending Trial For Juveniles
30. On The Application Of Bail Pending Trial With Restricted Liberty Of Moving To The Floating Population
31. On The Issues Of Juvenile Released On Bail Pending Trial
32. In The View Of Human Rights Of China's Non-custodial System
33. On The Legislative Improvement Of Our Bail System
34. The Study On The System Of Bail Pending With Restricted Liberty Of Moving In China
35. On The Construction Of Bail System In China
36. To Our Country Bail Pending The Review And The Consummation
37. Residential Surveillance System Consummation Research
38. Research On The Guaranteed Pending Trial System
39. Research On Bail System
40. Reconstructing Chinese Alternative Measures Of Post-sentence Detention
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