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Keyword [Land management rights]
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21. Research On The Construction Of The System Of "Three Rights Division" In Agricultural Land
22. Research On The Mortgage Of Rural Contracted Land Management Right Under The Condition Of "Three Rights Separation"
23. Research On The Basic-level Government Function In Rural Land Circulation
24. Research On The Legal Issues Of Rural Land Management Rights Transfer In China Under Separation Of Division
25. Analysis On The Legal Issues Of The Investment Of Rural Contracted Land Management Rights
26. Research On The Legal Problems And Countermeasures Of The Forest Right Mortgage In China
27. On The Realization Of Farmers' Collective Land Ownership
28. The Discussion About The Rural Land Management Rights In The Role Of Farmers Financing
29. Difficulties And Countermeasures In Realizing Mortgage Rights In Land Management Right Mortgage
30. Research On Nature Of The Rural Land Management Right
31. Study On Legal Problems Of Mortgage Financing In Rural Contract Land Management Right
32. Study On Legal Institutions Of Mortgage Financing Of Rural Land Management Right From The Perspective Of "Three Rights Distributing"
33. Research On The Rural Land Management Rights In China
34. The Legal Nature Of Land Contract Right And Land Management Right Under The "Separation Of Three Powers"
35. Research On The Interitance Of Rural Land Contracting And Management Right Under The Mode Of Separation Of Division
36. Research On The Legal System Of The Land Management Rights Body In China
37. Research On Legal Issues Of Land Management Right Trust
38. The Role Of The Government In The Transfer Of Land Management Rights
39. Study On Legal Control Of Rent Payment Risk In Land Transfer Operation
40. Research On Legal Issues Of Investment Of Land Management Rights In The Farm Specialized Co-operatives
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