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21. The Research On Management Performance Appraisal Of Local Governments' Public Business And Its Governance Countermeasures
22. The Financial Affairs Study Of The Social Engineering
23. Study On The Theory And Techniques Of Cultivated Land Valuation
24. A Research On The Theory And Demonstration Of Audit Quality Of CPA
25. The Research On Appraisal And Tactics Of Logistics Enterprise's Competitiveness Of Our Country
26. Ethic Inspection Of The Imperial Civil Service Examination System
27. The Study On The Civil Servants Of Section Chief's Competency And Relative Factors
28. Research On The Judicial Identification Management Systems
29. Theory And Application Of Official Competency
30. A Study On Non-profit Foundation Information Disclosure Appraisal And The Governance
31. Power And Solidarity In Divorce Litigation Discourse: A Gender Perspective
32. Research On The Quantitative Assessment System Of Government Performance
33. Study On Application Issues Of Appraisal Conclusions And Countermeasures
34. Research On Legal System Of Civil Service Performance In Modern China
35. Appraisal Of Nongovernmental Elements' Influence On Transition Of Japan's Policy Towards China During 1952-1972
36. Environmental Management Accounting
37. Stock Market Asset Assessment Study
38. Mao Zedong Multi-party Cooperation Thought
39. The Party Leadership Of Mao Zedong Thought
40. Mao Zedong Contradictions Within The Party And Party Struggles Thinking Research
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