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21. The Study Of Rural Community Social Capital In The Social Transition
22. Research On The Short-term Imprisonment Penalty
23. The Nature Of International Obligations
24. Study On The Theory Of Customary International Law
25. A Study On The Influence Of Countryside Senior Citizens' Social Capital To The Quality Of Life In Impoverished Area
26. On The Development Of The Commercial Customary Law Of The Commercial Community In The Area Of Jiangnan Since Ming And Qing Dynasty
27. History Of The Neoteric And Modem Criminal Sanction System
28. Research On Sustainable Development And Resource Use Of Urban Resident Community Of China
29. From Economic Cooperation Of Japan And ASEAN To Japan's East Asia Community
30. Toward Development Quality: A Research On The Urban Community Governance
31. The Process Of Supporting-A Research On The Parolees' Social Support Network In Community Correction
32. The Study Of Malaysia Government's Policy Toward Ethnic Chinese Community
33. The Reproduction Of Filial Piety In A Community: Discourse And Practice
34. On The Conception Of Communitarian Rights
35. Reconstruct The Social Centre: A Study On Liberal Intellectuals Community After Anti-Japanese War (1945-1949)
36. Drugs Treatment Community: Theory And Methods
37. Study On Mechanism Of Ideological And Political Education In City Community
38. The Urban Community Construction In Contemporary China-From The Perspective Of Social Interaction
39. The Socialized Operation Of People's Mediation Organization In Community Under The Cooperative Mode
40. European Community Competition Law And European Integration
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