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21. Study On Prosecutorial Discretionary Power
22. On The Plea Bargaining System
23. Research On The Adoption Of Plea-bargaining In China
24. On The Criminal Summary Procedure
25. Plea Bargaining And Game Theory
26. The Legal Principle Transplanting Analyse The System Of Plea Bargaining
27. Legislation Pondering Of Drawing Plea Bargaining System In China
28. On The System Of Plea Bargaining And Its Establishment
29. Research On Contract Concept Of Plea Bargaining
30. Research On Criminal Procedure Of Rapid Decision
31. The Research Of Plea Bargaining System And Its Building In China Criminal Lawsuit
32. Plea Bargaining: Necessity,Feasibility And Applicable Conditions
33. A Brief Research On Plea Bargaining
34. On Plea Bargaining System In Criminal Suit
35. The Preliminarily Research On Transplantation Of Plea-bargaining Under "Lenient And Severe Combined Together" Policy
36. Study On The Introduction Of Plea Bargaining To China
37. Plea Bargaining
38. From Blackroom To Sunlight
39. The Nomological Analysis On The Power Extensions Of Public Prosecution
40. Studies On The Criminal Consultation
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