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41. Study On Shipper System In The Rotterdam Rules
42. Construction Of Voting Trust Legal
43. The Research On Legal Issues Of Shipment Release Without Bill Of Lading In The Era Of Rotterdam
44. Research On Legal Issues Related To Right Of Control Of Goods Under EBL
45. The Right Of Control Of The Bill Of Lading Under The Rotterdam Rules
46. Analysis On The Right Of Control Under The Rotterdam Rules And The Impacts On The Bank
47. Study On The Legal Issues In Control Of Electronic Transferable Record
48. Legal Analysis On The Basis On The Manifestations Of Start-up Company‚Äôs Right Of Control
49. The Legal Problem Of Right Of Stoppage Within Contract Of Carriage
50. On The System Of The Maritime Right Of Control Under The Rotterdam Rules
51. Research On Legislation Of Right Of Control To Carriage Of Goods By Sea In China
52. On The Ownership Structure Under The View Of Company Law
53. The Legal Protection Of Control Right For The Company Founders
54. Study On The Control Of Goods In Carriage Of Goods By Sea
55. Dual-class Share Structure And Its Application In China
56. Reflection And Reconstruction Of The Basic Theory Of Personal Information Protection From The Perspective Of Public Goods
57. Proposals For Improving Shipper System Under Contract Of Carriage Of Goods By Sea
58. Research On The Right Of Control Of The Goods In Marine Transit
59. Study On The Legal Definition Of "State-owned Enterprises"
60. The Legal Perfection Of Debtor In Possession System In Reorganization
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