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Keyword [Sentencing]
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41. Research On Bending The Law Crimes
42. The Foundation Of Sentencing
43. Research On The System Of Sentencing Proposal Of Prosection Agencies
44. The Study On Judicial Practice Of Equilibrium Of Sentencing
45. Studies On The Unbalance Of Sentencing Discretion
46. The Significance Of Personality Research To Realize The Penalty Benefit
47. The Reasonable Construction Of The System Of Sentencing Balance
48. The Identifying And Using Of The Legal Circumstance For Sentencing
49. Discussion On Public Prosecutor's Right Of Sentence Recommendations In China
50. Study On The Sentencing Procedure
51. Aspects Of American Sentencing Procedure And Their Applicability To Chinese Sentencing Procedure
52. Research On Sentencing Suggestion System
53. On Discretion Of Punishment Procedural Rule
54. On The Development Of China's "Sentencing Guidelines" Theoretical And Practical Issues
55. Game Theory And Voluntary Surrender
56. The Sentencing Deviation Judicial Settlement
57. The Study Of Sentencing Rationalization Guided By The Criminal Policy About Temper Justice With Mercy
58. Research On The System Of Chinese Prosecutor's Proposal On Sentencing
59. Legislative Perfection Of The Lawful Penal Discretion Under The Criminal Policy Of Temper Justice
60. Research On The Power Of Sentencing Proposal Of Procuratorial Organs
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