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41. Study On The Law Of The Fluctuation Of The Scale Of Our Government Expenditure
42. Sichuan Foreign Enterprises Service Co.,Ltd Strategic Competitiveness
43. Chinese Governmental Function In Development Of Electronic Commerce
44. Studies On Government Support Behavior For Small And Medium-sized Enterprises In Hubei Province
45. The Study Of Governmental Function Transformation Of Jiufeng Country Government
46. On The Transforming Mode And Measure Of Government Function Of Our Country
47. The Analyses Of Laggard Transformation Of Government Function In LiaoNing's Economic Blossom
48. Study On The Problem Of The Construction Of The System Of Evaluation Of The Achievement Of Government
49. Research On Positioning Of Government Functions In The Administration Of Food Safety
50. Deng Xiaoping's Administration Thought Theory Analyzing
51. Study On Chinese Government Function From Market Failure And Government Failure In The Period Of Economic System Transition
52. From Regulation To Salvation: The System Of The City Wandering Mendicancy Salvation Analysis
53. The Transformation Of Government Function And The Development Of Nonprofit Organizations
54. On The Alteration Of Functions Of Chinese Governments Under The Socialist Market Economy
55. Thinking Of Government Function Incurred By Land Expropriation And Housing Removal
56. Analysis Of Institutional Economics On Function Variation Of The County Government
57. The County Government Function In Increasing Farmers' Income
58. The Research Of Government Function Of Improving The Quality Of The Conscription In Zhejiang Province
59. On The Development Of Industrial Cluster And The Function Of Local Government
60. The Government Function In Viallages And Towns And The Economy Change
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