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41. Research On The Evidence Exchange System In Pre-trial In Civil Action
42. On The Construction Of Centralized Trial Mode Of Civil Action In China
43. A Study On The Procedure Of Confession And Defense In Leniency On Admission Of Guilty And Acceptance Of Punishment
44. Research On The Rules Of Environmental Civil Public Interest Litigation
45. Study On Environmental Public Interest Litigation In Procuratorial Organs
46. Research On The Pretrial Procedures Of Juvenile Delinquency
47. Research On Intellectual Property Discovery Procedure
48. Research On Regulation Of Abuse Right Of Civil Action
49. The Investigation Of Illegal Evidence Of The Pre-trial Procedure Of Procedure Procuratorial Organs
50. The Research Of The Criminal Pre-trial Procedure
51. Research On The Arrangement Of Issures In China's Civil Litigation
52. Research And Inspiration Of Referees In American Criminal Procedure
53. Research On The Diversion System Of Pre-trial Procedure In Civil Litigation In China
54. Research On The Pre-trial Procedure Of Civil Litigation
55. Research On The Pre-trial Procedure Of Civil Litigation
56. Research On The Pre-trial Procedure Of Civil Litigation
57. On The Civil Pre-trial Procedure
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