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1. A Study Of Faculty Employment-appointment System In Angle Of View Of Academic Profession
2. Studies On Mechanism Of Educational Decision-making Under Complex Angle Of View
3. University Of The Spiritual Vision
4. Researches Into The Fostering Mechanisms For Chinese Tennis Players Under A Theoretical Angle Of View Of An Interests-relater
5. Research Into Basic Laws At Systematics Angle Of View On Basketball
6. Study On Evaluation Of University's Teachers
7. Under The Pedagogy Angle Of View The Problem Researches In The Learning And Teaching Of Competition Mathematics
8. On The Ideological And Political Education Of Our College Nowadays From An Angle Of View Of System Science
9. The Strategy Of Contemporary Urban Regeneration Under The Culture Angle Of View
10. The Mathematics Education Of The High School That Is Under The Humanities Spirit Angle Of View
11. Under The Public Angle Of View Our Country City Community Manages The Mechanism Construction Research
12. The Value Direction Of Physical Education In Native Basic Education By The Post Modernism Angle Of View
13. On The Problems Of Vocational Teachers Construction Underneath Angle Of View Of Educational Ecology
14. With Appreciate Beauty The Existent Reason Of The Social Problem Of The Angle Of View Reading Athletics Of The Culture
15. Emotion Difference Between Teachers And Students In Teachers Angle Of View
16. The Investigation And Analysis Of Sports Teacher's Application Of Reviewing Teaching Of Middle School In Jilin City
17. Reforming And Evolution
18. The Evolution And Outlook Of New China Value Mindset Of The Athletics Gold Medal
19. Research On Modern School System Under Politics Angle Of View
20. Literature Education In Angle Of View Scientific Humanism "Curriculum Teaching"
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