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1. A Study On The Agglomeration Effect Of China 's Population Migration
2. Effects Of Encoding Solution Steps Of Worked Example On Principle Learning And Transfer
3. Metabolism Of α-actin, Expression Of α-actin MRNA And MHC MRNA Induced By Exhaustive Eccentric Exercise In Skeletal Muscles Of Rats And Effects Of Acupuncture On Them
4. The Integrated Effects Of Different Exercise And/or Supplementation Interventions On The β Cells Of Pancreatic Islet In Streptozotocin-diabetic Rats: Apoptosis, Anagenesis And Insulin Secratory Function
5. The Effects Of Chronic Swimming Training On Aortic Structure, Endothelin-1 And Endothelin-1 Receptor In Aging Rats
6. Experimental Study On The Effects Of Combination Of Different Intensity Exercise And Estrogen On Bone In Ovariectomized Rats
7. A Study Of The Effects Of Physical Exercise On SWB Of Senior High School Students And Their Psychological Mechanism
8. Effects Of A Bout Of Eccentric Exercise And Soy Hydrolyzed Peptides Supplementation On Histological And Ultrastructural Injury Of Skeletal Muscle In Rats--A Study Of Several Factors On Their Possible Mechanisms
9. Effects And Mechanisms Of Hypoxia Or Training On The Angiogenesis Of Capillary And Expressions Of VEGF And HIF-1a In The Skeletal Muscle Of Rats
10. Effects Of Hypoxia Or Exercise On Protein Catabolism And The Gene Expression Of Myosin Heavy Chain (MHC) Isoforms In Rat Skeletal Muscle
11. Effects Of Eccentric Exercise On Distribution And Expression Of Desmin In Skeletal Muscles Of Rats Under Hypoxic Condition
12. Effects Of Exercise On Bone Metabolism And Apoptosis-associated Gene In Aged Mice
13. Effects Of Different Intensity Swimming On Iron Metabolism Of Gastrocnemius And Duodenum In Rats
14. Effects Of Lycopene Supplementation On The Oxidative Damage Induced By Exhaustive Exercise In Rats
15. Effects Of Endurance Training And Growth Hormone On GH/IGF-I Axis And Lipid Metabolism
16. The Breaststroke Technique And Its Effects On Resistance And Propulsion In Swimming
17. Effects Of Exercises And Huangqidanshen On Mitochondrial Biogenesis In Rat Skeletal Muscle
18. Research On The Interaction Between Educational Investment And Economic Growth In China
19. Compare Integrated Science Curriculum With Subject Science Curriculum On Curriculum Standards And Its Implementary Effects
20. A Research On Teachers' Work Values And Its Effects
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