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1. On Taoist Keeping In Good Health And Health Care Sports
2. Study On The Influence Of Taiji Softball To Mid-aged Women's Health-fitness
3. Influence Of Physical Shape And Health-Fitness Of The College Students After Badminton Exercising
4. Research And Study On The Health Condition & Fitness Situation Of Middle School Teachers In The Countryside In Subei Area
5. A Reseach Of Physical And Mental Health Test Of Check-in Staff And Fitness Activities At Nursing Home In Shijiazhang City
6. A Study On The Influence Of 12 - Minute Running On Physical Fitness Of Students In Colleges And Universities
7. Correlative Analysis And Research On Physical Fitness And Physical Activity Of Urban Youth White - Collar Health
8. An Experimental Study On The Effects Of Exercise Intervention On Physical Fitness Of Female College Students
9. The Investigation And Analysis On Personal Trainers In Health Fitness Club Of Dalian
10. The Third Set Of "National Aerobic Gymnastics Training Standards" For Ordinary Routine Primary Health Fitness Female Students In Rats
11. Experiment And Research Of Health Fitness Application In Aerobics Teaching Jobs
12. Beijing Union University Staff Physique Health And Fitness Habits Of The Investigation
13. The Establishment And Application Of Health Fitness Evaluation Index System For Elderly People Over 70 Years
14. "Health And Fitness" Of College Students’ Body Composition And Flexibility Test Indicators Selection And Evaluation Criteria
15. Shuttlecock On Middle School Students’ Physical Fitness Effects Of Experimental Study
16. 17-23Years Old In Our Country College Students’ Healthy Physical Fitness Test Index And Evaluation Standard Of Construction
17. Experimental Study On Teaching Of Using Health And Physical Fitness’ Concept In College Track And Field
18. Study On The Professional Ability Of Fitness Club Group Calisthenics Coaches Of Nan Jing
19. The Investigation And Research About Health Fitness And Quality Of Life For Old People Over70in Suzhou
20. Experimental Study Of The Impact Of Different Exercise Load Combinations In Physical Education On Children Health Related Physical Fitness And Emotional States
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