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Keyword [Industrial Structure]
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1. The SpecialtyBuilding Marketadility Research Of Higher Vocational Technology Education
2. Study On Interactive Mechanism Of Talent Structure And Industrial Structure And Relevant Policies
3. The Statistic Research On Aging And Adjustment Of Industry Structure In China
4. The Research On The Change Of The Occupational Structure Of Our Country
5. Conjugate Dynamics System Analysis And The Practice In The Management Of Higher Education Subjects Structure
6. Research On The Development Of Regional Leisure Sports Industry
7. Research On The Evolution Of Chinese Sports Industry Structure
8. The Sporting Events Industry, The Impact On City Competitiveness
9. Regional Spatial Pattern Of Urbanization And Environmental Response
10. Studies On The Differences Of Higher Educational Development Among Provinces In China
11. Research Into The Industrial Restructuring And Reform Of Secondary Vocational Education Of Qianjiang District In Chongqing City
12. The Zhejiang Province Higher Education Structure Optimization And The Industrial Structure Promote Compatible Research
13. The Influnces Of Erdos's Productivious Structure On The City's Population Formulation
14. The Study Of Countermeasures Research On Suzhou Industry Structure Adjustment And Secondary Vocational Education Development.
15. The Analysis Of Governmental Actions In Optimizing The Sports Industrial Structure Of Our Country
16. The Research Of Strategy About Human Resource Development Based On Adjustment In Industrial Structure In Shaoxing
17. Analysis And Measure On Adaptability Of Middle Vocational Educaton In Liaoning Province
18. On The Correlationship And Model-constucting Of Industrial Structure And Graduates' Employment
19. Study On The Development Of Higher Vocational Education Adapting To The Evolution Of Industrial Structure
20. Research On The Relations Between Educational Structure, Industrial Structure And Employment Structure
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