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1. The Influence Of Investment In Education On The Transfer Of Rural Labor In The Process Of Urbanization
2. A Research Of Shanxi Higher Education Development Effect On Transferring Surplus Rural Labor
3. Problems And Solutions Of Rural Labor Force Training Courses
4. FDI's Influence On China's Labor Transfer As Well As Its Dual Economic Structure
5. The Study On Education And Training Of Rural Labor Transfer In Secondary Vocational Schools In Rural Areas
6. Research Of Rural Surplus Labor Transfer And Adult Education Development
7. On The Demand For Qualified Personnel In Manufacturing Industry In The Coastal Regions And Vocational Education In Labor Transfer From Rural Areas To City
8. Research On Impact Of Rural Education Investment To Labor Transfer Of Hunan Province
9. The Inlfuence On The Development Of Rural National Traditional Sports Activities Effected By Labor Transfermation In Xiang-xi Area
10. Study On The Operational Mechanism Of Rural Labor Transfer Training In China
11. Shandong Province Rural Female Labor Force Transfer And Its Education And Training
12. Research On Problems Of Rural Surplus Labor Transfer
13. Research On Transfer Training Of Rural Labor Of Shanxi Province
14. Research On The Influence Of Vocational Education On Rural Surplus Labor Transfer In Hubei Province
15. Research On The Training Of Rural Youth Labor Force In Awati County
16. Rural Labor Transfer Training Policy Audience Satisfaction Research
17. Study On The Impact Of Secondary Vocational Education On The Transfer Of Rural Labor Force
18. Study On The Employment Of Rural Labor Force In Jianli County Of Hubei Province
19. BS Effect Expansion Based On Interdepartmental Labor Transfer Barriers
20. Empirical Analysis On The Influencing Factors Of Rural Labor Transfer In Three Prefectures Of Southern Xinjiang
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