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1. A Study On The Self-determination Of The Middle School Students' Mathematic Learning And Its Relationship With Mathematic Learning Engagement
2. The Research On Academic Social Comparison And Learning Engagement Of Junior High School Students
3. A Study On The Situation Of College Students' Learning Value, Academic Self-efficacy, Learning Engagement And The Relation Between Them
4. Mathematical Learning Participation Degree Of Junior Middle School Students In Kunming And Its Influence On Mathematical Accomplishment
5. The Effects Of Interactive Whiteboard Based Classroom Teaching On Students’ Learning Style, Engagement, Goal Orientation, Self-efficacy And Achievement
6. The Relationship Among Parenting Style, Student Burnout And Learning Engagement
7. Research On The Future Orientation Of University Students And Its Effect Mechanism
8. The Pilot Study Of The Middle School Students’ Learning Engagement
9. Correlation Study Of Senior High School Students’ Learning Subjective Well-being, Interpersonal Relationship And Learning Engagement
10. Undergraduates’ Information Technology Use In Learning
11. A Research On The Relationship Among Proactive Personality, Self-monitoring In Learning And Learning Engagement Of Undergraduates
12. A Study Of The College Students’ Learning Engagement
13. The Relationship Among Learning Engagement、Professional Commitment And Teachers’ Professional Maturity
14. Study On Effect Of Junior High School Students’ Academic Possible Selves On Their Learning Engagement
15. Influencing Mechanism Of College Student’s Professional Commitment On Learning Engagementand Learning Gains
16. The Study On The Relationship Of Achievement Goals, Class Environment And Learning Engagement Of High School Students As Well As Related Educational Strategies
17. Study On The Present Situation And Countermeasures Of Middle School Students’Learning Engagement
18. Analysis On Influeneing Faetors Of College Student Engagement Based On NSSE-CHINA
19. A Study On The Effects Of Cooperative Learning For English Learners In Senior High School
20. Research On Nan Jing University Undergraduate Learning Engagement
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