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1. Changes Of Immune During Physical Exercise And Psychological Stress And Research Of Their Mechanism
2. Change Of Renal Tissue Micro-structure In Rats Resulted From Load Training And Mechanisms Of Molecule Regulation
3. The Influence Of Glutamine Supplementation On T-Lymphocyte Subsets And IgG,IgA,IgM In Boating Athletes
4. The Effect Of Supplying Soybean Peptide On The Serum CK Isoenzymes Of The Rats After Incremental Load Training
5. The Research Of Heavy Load Training On The Gait Influence Of The Wu Shu Athletes
6. The Study On The Change Of Serum Cardiac Troponin T, Plasma Atrial Natriuretic Peptideand And ∑T/R Of ECG During The Period Of The Heavy Load Training In Male Canoeists
7. An Animal Research About Mental And Training Effect On Health In Different Time's Observation
8. The Investigation And Analysis Of Condition Of Practicing Of High Work-load Training Of He Nan U-15 Adolescent Soccer Team
9. The Analysis Of Load To National Team Athletes In Training Of Triple Jump Of China
10. For Our Analysis Of Six High Level Of Women's Middle Distance Runner Contest Of Special Training Load Changes
11. Arrangements Of The Five High-level Man Race Walking Athletes Training Load
12. Experimental Research On Core Training Load And Muscle Strength Variation
13. Study On Many Years Training Of The Adolescent Triple Jumpers In China
14. Research Yuzhu Fluid Chicken Soup For Heavy Load Training Basketball Majors Myocardial Tissue Injury Protection
15. The Research Between Training Method And Monitor Parameter Of Chinese Canoe Team During Winter Training
16. Effects Of High Intensity Exercise And Heavy Load Training On Cell Free DNA Level In Rats And Human And Its Significance
17. Analysis And Features Of The Pre-competition Training Load On Henan Elite Rowers
18. On The Structure And Analysis Of China's Excellent Athletes Zhang Xin Best Competitive Stage
19. Research On Load Arrangement Of Male Weightlifter Liao Hui's Pre-Competition Training
20. Study On Player's Precompetition Training In Discus Event
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