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1. Math Anxiety: Its Relation To Math Interest Math Self-efficacy Of Chinese Middle School Students
2. The Research About Math Situations And Posing Problems Teaching Mode Overcoming The Junior Middle School Students' Math Anxiety In Guizhou
3. A Relationship Study About Level Of Math Subject Self-esteem, Achievement Goal And Academic Achievement Of Students In Grade One Senior Middle School
4. A Study Of "Slow Learners With Unsuitable Attribution In Math Learning"
5. The Research On Relationship Among The Mathematics Self-efficacy,Math Self-concept,and Math Achievement In Junior Of Grade Two
6. Investigation And Research On Math Learning Cognition Anxiety Of High School Student
7. The Research Of The Relationship Between The Classroom Environment And The Students' Math Achievement Goals And Learning Styles Of Junior High School In Ethnic Regions
8. The Second-grade Students' Mathematics Comprehension Status And Its Relationship With Mathematics Academic Performance And Mathematics Anxiety
9. More bang for your buck: The effect of Minnesota's Alternative Pay for Teachers on the math achievement of high school students
10. Using chess to improve math achievement for students who receive special education services
11. Urban schools that have narrowed the achievement gap: Middle school math achievement in an urban settin
12. A descriptive analysis of the impact of co-teaching on the Reading/Language Arts and Math achievement of selected middle school students in a Middle Tennessee school district
13. The Effect of a One to One Laptop Initiative on High School Math Achievement in a Suburban High School Environment
14. Ethnic differences in achievement growth: Longitudinal data analysis of math achievement in a Hierarchical Linear Modeling framework
15. The Impact of Graphing Calculators on Math Achievement: A Quantitative, Longevity Analysis
16. Improved math achievement in an urban high school: A case study of a high school in the Vista Unified School District
17. Secondary school reform and improved math achievement: A case study of site efforts at Mission Valley High School
18. Predicting math achievement for students with specific learning disabilities: An opportunity-propensity analysis
19. Parental differential treatment with math: Links to adolescent girls' math achievement beliefs
20. the effects of Internet-based math instruction on the math achievement of middle school students
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