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1. Study Of Several Envirmental Factors On Their Mechanisms In Controling Skeletal Muscle Glycogen Biosynthesis
2. A Study On The Mechanisms Of Oxidative Stress And Hypoxic Acclimatization In Rats During Intermittent Hypoxic Training
3. Effects Of A Bout Of Eccentric Exercise And Soy Hydrolyzed Peptides Supplementation On Histological And Ultrastructural Injury Of Skeletal Muscle In Rats--A Study Of Several Factors On Their Possible Mechanisms
4. Effects And Mechanisms Of Hypoxia Or Training On The Angiogenesis Of Capillary And Expressions Of VEGF And HIF-1a In The Skeletal Muscle Of Rats
5. Study On The Changes Of Bone In Exercise-induced Estrous Cycle Inhibited Female Rats And The Mechanisms
6. Research On Protective Effect And Mechanisms Of The Heat Shock Proteins In Skeletal Muscle
7. Change Of Renal Tissue Micro-structure In Rats Resulted From Load Training And Mechanisms Of Molecule Regulation
8. Effects And Mechanisms Of Hypoxic Training On The Neurons In Rat Hippocampus
9. The Study On The Effect And Mechanisms Of Preventing And Treating Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) By Swimming Training
10. The Theoretical Analysis And Empirical Study On The Mechanisms Of Human Capital And Educational Function In China's Economic Growth
11. Study On Development Mechanisms Of Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Organizations In Higher Institutions
12. The Effects And Mechanisms Of Early Swimming Exercise On The Body Weight Programming In The Overfeeding Rats
13. The Research On The Immune System Reaction Of Rats And Relevant Mechanisms To Hypoxic Training Of Different Models
14. Research On Cognitive And Neural Mechanisms Of Hierarchical Relationship Of Class Concept
15. Planned Change: Mechanisms And Limitations
16. Preventive Effects And Mechanisms Of Mitochondrial Targeting Nutrients On Endurance Exercise-induced Fatigue
17. The Research Of Coordinated Development Of Regional "Higher Education-Economy" System
18. Research On The Influence Mechanisms On Youth Sub-culture On University Students Ideological And Political Education
19. The Study Of Operating Mechanisms Of Ngo From The Perspective Of Neo-institutionalism
20. Study On Cognitive Features And Neural Mechanisms Of Elite Sanda Athletes In The Course Of Perceptual Prediction
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