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1. A Study On The Present Situation And Demonstration Of Teachers' Professional Development In Private Colleges And Universities In
2. Research On The Development Of Chinese Private Universities In The Transition Period
3. Equality Issues Regarding The Competition Between Public And Private Universities In The Educational Market In China
4. Temporary Educational Conference And Development Of Japan Private Universities
5. Private Universities In China, The Problem Of Financing Research
6. Study On The School-Running Thoughts Of The Presidents Of Private Universities And Colleges
7. Study On Teaching Quality Of The Private Universities And Colleges
8. Higher Education Industrialization And Educative Funds Raising Analysis
9. An Exploration Of The Construction Of Teaching Staff Of Private Universities
10. The Analysis And Constructive Suggestions For The Full-time And Part Time Instructors In The Private University
11. The Private Universities And The Modernization Of Native Higher Education
12. The Analysis On Financing Mode Of Private Universities In China
13. Reflection On The Construction Of Chinese Private Universities' Governance Structure
14. The Sustainable Development Of Private Higher Education In China
15. The Compare Research Between The Private University Before 1950s And The Private University After 1950s In China
16. On The Energy And Level Orientation Of China Private Universities
17. A Study On The Educational Finance Of Private Universities In Japan After The Second World War
18. Research Of The Financing Mode Of American Private Universities
19. Comparative Study On The Board Of Trustees System In Private Universities Between China And America
20. The Analysis Of Private Universities During The Japanese Economic Boom Periods
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