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1. Discussion Of An Enterprise Education-the New Domain Of Ideal Faith Educates In The Our Country Universities
2. A Study On The Effect Of Teaching Practice On The Teachers' Profession Concept Of The Normal University Students
3. The Situation Of Tuition-free Normal College Students' Professional Ideals And Countermeasures
4. School Students An Ideal Revisited And Compared With The 1980s Study
5. High School Students' Career Aspirations Influencing Factors And Educational Countermeasures
6. Investigation And Countermeasure Research On The Current Situation Of Professional Ideal Of Normal School Students In
7. Services For Agricultural College Students The "Three Rural"Professional Ideal And Its Realization Of The Layered
8. Special Post Teachers' Professional Ideal Study
9. A Study On The Cultivation Of Contemporary College Students' Professional Values From The Perspective Of Marx's Professional Ideal
10. Professional Ethics Research Of Middle School Chemistry Teachers
11. A Study On Contemporary College Students' Vocational Ideal Present Situation And Countermeasure
12. A Research On The Cultivation Of Professional Ideal Of Normal College Students In Normal Universities
13. Research On The Cultivation Of New Type Of Skilled Farmers' Professional Ideal
14. A Case Study Of The Professional Development Of The A Private Secondary Vocational School's Teachers
15. Why Do I Easily Quit?
16. Wheat Watcher:A Narrative Study On The Professional Ideal Of A Rural Preschool Teacher
17. A Study On Professional Ideal Education Of Secondary Vocational School Students
18. Research On The Cultivation Of College Students' Professional Ideal In The New Era
19. Research On The Status Quo Of Professional Ideals Of Preschool Teachers And Students In Secondary Vocational Schools
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