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1. University System Sequence Of Multi-center Study
2. A Research On The Administration Regulations And Implement Among The Junior Middle School Students Of Jinchang City
3. Analysis On Implemental Effect Of Teaching Rules And Regulations In College And University
4. The Cultivating Of Marine Major Honor Concept
5. Chinese Football Association Autonomous And Rules And Regulations Research
6. The Case Study On The Management Organization And Regulations Establishment Of Postgraduate Education
7. The Cultivating Of Marine Major Professional Ethics Concept
8. The Study Of Restricting The Constituting Of Rules And Regulations Of Colleges And Universities
9. Study On Rules And Regulations Of The American National Collegiate Athletic Association
10. The College Students' Management On The Hygiene-Factor Theory
11. Research On Legal Regulation Of Punishment Right Of Employer
12. Private Preschool Education Research Government's Rules And Regulations
13. WSR Theory Field Of Shandong Firing Squad Management Piactice Research
14. Research On Legal Regulation Of Dispatched Employment
15. System Construction For Normalizing Enterprise’s Disciplinary Power
16. Financial Delicacy Management Of Universities In Xinjiang Under The New Financial Regulation
17. Legal Issues Corporate Regulations
18. Legal Regulation Of The Employers’ Punitive Right
19. Research For Penalty Power Of Employing Units
20. Comparative Study On Scientific Research Management System Of Four "985 Project" Universities In Shanghai
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