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Keyword [SWOT analysis]
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1. A Study On The Value Innovation Strategy Of Willow Tennis Center
2. A Resarch On The Sporting Events Orientation Of The Shenzhen
3. SWOT Analysis And Tactical Study Of The Institution Of Common Higher Education In JiLin Province
4. The Investigation And SWOT Analysis On The Present Situation Of The Teacher Troop Of The Elementary And Middle Schools In Dujiangyan
5. The Development Strategy Research Of Qingdao Technological University Qindao College
6. Research On The Development Strategy Of Xuzhou School Of Electromechanic And Engineering
7. The Current Competitive Situation And Solutions Analysis Of The Children's English Training Held By Yangzhou Youth And Children Educational Institute
8. The Introduction Of SWOT Analysis Into The Undergraduates' Cultivation Mode Under The New Employment Condition
9. SWOT Analysis On The Development Strategy Of Higher Vocational Colleges
10. The Study On Strategy For Rear Service Group Of Yantai-University
11. Research On Development Of High Vocational Education
12. Research On The Development Of Yan'an Vocational Education For Peasants
13. SWOT Analysis And Tactical Study Of The CBA Professional Basketball Clubs In GuangDong Province
14. The Strategic Analysis Of Marketing Competition Of Gansu Boxing Studing Abroad Service Co.,LTD
15. SWOT Analysis And Thinking About The Employment Of Graduates In Higher Vocational College
16. A Research On The Cooperation Model Between Corporation University And Continuing Education Of University
17. Research On The Management And Development Of Chinese College Sports Events
18. Research On The Ideological And Political Education Of College Students Under The Network Environment
19. The Development Strategy About The Foreign Students Of Southeast Asian Nations Nationality
20. The Analysis Of Vocational Schools Development Strategy
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