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Keyword [School-enterprise cooperation]
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1. Research On The School-Enterprise Cooperation In Hunan Higher Professional Technology Education
2. Professional Development Of Secondary Vocational School Teachers
3. Research On School-enterprise Cooperation In Rural Vocational Education
4. Study On China's Higher Vocational Education In The School Enterprise Cooperation
5. Vocational School Level Mode Of Co-operation, Problems And Strategies
6. A Research On Quality Controlling Of Students Internship In The Guangdong Baiyun College
7. Practice And Research On "2+1" School And Enterprise Cooperation Education Model
8. Enterprise In Higher Vocational Schools Model School
9. German "Work Process Oriented Theory" And Its Value In Vocational & Technical Education
10. Practical Exploration Of The Mode Of Cooperative Education Training
11. Vocational Schools Comprehensive Evaluation Of School-Enterprise Cooperation Projects
12. New Research On University Students' Ideological And Political Education In School-Enterprise Training Mode
13. Theoritic And Practical Studies On High Vocational Education Of Shaanxi Province
14. Research On The Dynamic Mechanism Of Cooperation Between College And Enterprises In Higher Tourism Vocational Education
15. Study On The Construction Of School-Enterprise Cooperation "Double-competency" Teaching Group
16. The Study On Cultivation Mechanism And Strategies Of Graduate School-Enterprise Cooperation Training
17. The Investigation And Analysis Of Aerobics Coaches In Body Fitness Club In Nanchang City
18. Research On School-enterprises Cooperation Strategy Based On Enhancing Practical Ability Of Teachers In Higher Vocational Colleges
19. Study On School-enterprise Cooperation Realization In County-level Vocational Traning Center
20. Innovation Research On The Mode Of School-enterprise Cooperation For Higher Vocational Education
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