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1. On Social Education In Sichuan Province During The Anti-Japanese War
2. Research On The Procreation Policy In Sichuan Province With The Perspective Of Sustainable Development
3. Remarks On Educational Capital In Sichuan Province In The Republic Of China
4. On The Case Study Of Reaching Compulsory Education In Yi Nationality Of Western Areas Of Sichuan Province
5. Study On The School-based In-Service Training Of Teachers In Xu Yong County. Sichuan Province
6. The Investigation Analysis About Modern Education Technique Course In Teacher's College Of Sichuan Province
7. Surveys And Studies On Current Situations Of Technical & Vocational Education In Xingwen County, Sichuan Province, China
8. Investigation Of Implying Inquiry Learning In Zhongjiang Middle School Of Sichuan Province
9. Study Of The Situation And The Assessment Index System Of Informatization At Primary And Middle Schools In Sichuan Province
10. Land, Income And Migration In Four Villages In Sichuan Province
11. The Empirical Research On Complex Motivation Model Of The Manager Talent Of Sichuan Province
12. The Study Of The Training Model Of Chemistry Contest In Sichuan Province
13. The Survey And Analysis Of Sports Participation Of Graduate Student In Universities Of Sichuan Province
14. A Research On Economic Effects Of Higher Education In Sichuan Province
15. Research On The Combination Between PE And HE Of Colleges And Universities In Sichuan Province
16. The Actuality Of DanceSport Development Situation And Countermeasure Of Sichuan Are Studied
17. Research On Talent Strategy In Preponderant Industry Clusters Area Of Sichuan Province
18. Survey And Analysis Report On Junior Chemical Experiment In Rural Junior High School Of Dazhu, Sichuan Province
19. A Study On The School Management Of National Student Loan
20. Relationship Analysis Between Population Modernization And Economy Modernization Of Sichuan
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