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1. School Students Academic Delay Of The Meet And Its Causes
2. A Study On The Relationship Between Academic Delay And Self - Efficacy And Delay In Satisfaction
3. The Relationship Between Academic Delay Of Gratification And The Hope Of The Junior High School Students
4. Professional Commitment And Its Relative Effect On Learning Belief, Academic Delay Of Gratification, Self-esteem Of Non-medical Undergraduates In Medical Colleges
5. The Relationship Between College Students’ Academic Procrastination、Self-efficacy For Self-regulated Learning And Academic Delay Of Gratification
6. The Relationship Of Junior High School Students’ Motivation,Academic Delay Of Gratification And Motivational Interference Experience
7. Study On Relationships Among Academic Procrastinationanddelayedgratification, Academicself-Efficacyofcollege Students And Group Intervention Ofacademicprocrastination
8. The Correlational Research Of Senior High School Students’ English Learning Motivations And Academic Delay Of Gratification
9. Research On The High School Students’ Academic Delay Of Gratification And Its Influencing Factors
10. Anxiety Level、 Academic Delay Of Gratification And Academic Procrastination Of College Students
11. The Impact Of Family Socioeconomic Status On The Delayed Academic Gratification Of High School Students
12. The Effect Of Group Guidance On Academic Delay Of Gratification Of Senior Pupils
13. Research On The Relationship Between College Students' Future Time Perspective And Academic Procrastination:The Mediating Effect Of Academic Delay Of Gratification
14. Study On The Relationship And Intervention Between Academic Delay Of Gratification,Self-control And Academic Performance Of Senior Grade Students In Primary School
15. A Study On The Relationship Between Junior High School Students' Future Time Insight, Academic Delayed Gratification And Academic Performance
16. The Relationship Between Perceived Teacher Expectations And Academic Procrastination In High School Students: The Serial Multiple Mediating Effect Of Academic Self-efficacy And Academic Delayed Gratification
17. A Study On The Relationship Among Future Time Perception,Academic Delay Of Gratification And Academic Procrastination Of Tourism Management Undergraduates
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