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1. Teacher Curriculum Research
2. A Study On The Characteristics Of The Imperial Education In The Inheritance Of National Culture
3. Computational Estimation Competence Of Primary School Children
4. Researches On Characteristics Of Self-confidence Of University Students
5. On The Characteristics Of Identical Elements And Different Structures Of The Lower Limbs'Pedalled And Stretched Strength For Some Physique Dominated Event-group Sportsmen
6. The Physical Fitness Characteristics And Health Promotion Of Different Development Types Of Students In Their Spurt (Peak Age) During Adolescence
7. Research On The Basic Laws And Developing Characteristics Of Basketball
8. Research Of Psychological And Physiological Characteristics On Male Homosexuality
9. Historical Study On The Characteristics Of The Western Contemporary Primary Education
10. Research On Periodical Characteristics Of Continuous Professional Training Among Excellent Weightlifting Athletes
11. A Study On The Characteristics Of Southern Dong's Traditional Culture
12. Culture And Skills Of Chinese-Korean Society In The Era Of Northeast Asia International Cooperation
13. Research On Adolescent Academic Self
14. Reality-idealized Construction: The Research Of Government-leading School Change
15. Individual Characteristics And Family Factors In University Students' Ego Identity Formation
16. Research On Teacher's Emotion Work In Elementary And Middle School
17. A Study On The Structure And Characteristics Of Teachers' Career Plateau And Its Relationship To The Job Effect
18. Study On The Characteristics And Laws Of The Development Of The Pupil's Spatial Sence
19. The Study Of The Teacher Education Paradigm Upon The Perspective Of The Continuum Of Objectivism-Subjectivism: Theoretical Foundations And Structural Characters
20. Characteristics Of Middle School Student's Personal Epistemology And Its Relationship With Self Questioning And Creative Thinking
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