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Keyword [cognition and behavior]
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1. The Study Of Sports Moral Cognition And Behavior In Youth Athletes Of Team Events
2. On The Condition, Reasons And Educational Suggestions Of Inconsistency Between Integrity Cognition And Integrity Behavior Of Chinese Lower Grades Students Of Elementary School
3. The Analysis And Thought On Cognition And Behavior Over Faithfulness Of University Students
4. Research On The Cognition And Behavior Of Peasants Taking Part In Martial Arts Under The Background Of New Rural Construction
5. Exploration To Rule Of Ideological And Political Education' Unification Of Cognition And Behavior
6. Cognition And Behavior Research On Aerobics Of Southern Jiangsu Province College Students
7. A Research On Cognition And Behavior Choice Of Peasant Workers To Educate Their Children
8. Study On Sports Keeping In Good Health Cognition And Behavior Of University Students In JiangXi
9. Investigation Of Female College Students In Gansu Province To Participate In Aerobics Cognition And Behavior
10. Self-Drive Tourists Safety Cognition And Behavior Research
11. A Research Of Higher Grades Students’ Altruistic Cognition And Behavior Conflict And Transformation Strategy In Elementary School
12. Research On The Recognition Of The Inconsisten Of Cognition And Behavior Of Integrity And Its Converting Node
13. The Materialized View Of Marriage And Love Knowledge Effect On Line Mode Of Contemporary University Students
14. Survey On The Present Knowledge And Use Of Antibiotic Of Suzhou Secondary Vocational Students
15. Col Lege Students’ Tacit Truancy Behavior Research Based On Personal Cognition And Behavior
16. The Research On Current Condition And Educational Strategies Of Junior High School Students’ Altruistic Cognition And Behavior
17. The Effect Of Family Environment On Middle School Students’ Cognition And Behavior Of Taking Part In Extracurricular Physical Activities
18. Research On Problem Of The Disunity Between Moral Cognition And Behavior For College Students In Moral Education
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