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1. A Study On Negative Transfer Of Mother Tongue In Senior High School Students' English Writing And Its Rectification
2. Error Analysis And Corrective Tactics Of Problem Solving In Mathematical Level Test Of Junior Middle School Students In Ethnic Areas
3. Explore Vocational School English Classroom The Language Error Correction Strategy
4. Junior High Ideological And Moral Lesson Students Problem Solving The Cause Of The Error, And Error Correction Strategies
5. Error Analysis And Error Correction Strategy Of Senior High School Students‚Äô English Writing
6. Effective Error Correction Strategy Of The Liberal Arts Students
7. Error Correction Strategies In Junior Middle School English Class
8. Error Analysis And Error Correction Strategy In English Writing Of Senior High School Students
9. A Research On Stay Behind Studentsí Weary Of Studying And Itís Correctional Strategies
10. Research On Correction Strategies And Truancy Phenomenon Of Students In Higher Vocational School
11. A Case Study Of Individual Emotion Identification Teaching Intervention In Children With Autism
12. Analysis And Correction Of Common Errors In Chinese Pronounciation Acquisition Of Middle School Students In Thailand
13. Research Of The Mother Tongue Transfer On High School Studentsí English Writing
14. Research On Enrollment Motivationís Academic Deviation Of Academic Female Masters And Correction Strategy
15. Research On Effective Strategies For Assignment And Correction Of Post-secondary Mathematics After Class
16. High School Students Understand The Diagnosis And Correction Of Thinking Disorder
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