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Keyword [economic transition]
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1. General Education Or Vocational Education
2. The Development Of TVET Group During The Period Of Chinese Economic Transition
3. Creating Research On The Institution Of Property Right Of Sports Human Capital In Economic Transition
4. Research On New Generation Of Migrant Workers’ Education And Training In The Period Of Economic Transition
5. Chinese Investment And Efficiency Of Highereducation During Economic Transition
6. A Study On Lack Of Sports Integrity In China’s Economic Transition
7. Research On Development Of IT Personnel Shortage In Economic Transition
8. Anhui Higher Education Structure Adjustment Under The Background Of Regional Economic Transition
9. Research On The Operation Mechanism Of Higher Vocational Education And Enterprise In The Period Ofeconomic Transformation
10. Study Of Females’ Labor Supply During The Period Of Economic Transition In China
11. The Study Of Harmonies Development Of Hubei Vocational Education Macrostructure With Social Economic Transition
12. The Development Research Tangshan Higher Vocational Education Under The Backround Of Area Economic Transformation
13. Research On The Adaptive Development Of Vocational Education Under The Back Ground Of Yangquan City Economic Transition And Development
14. Research On The Current Situation And Development Of Higher Vocational Education Investment In China's Economic Transition Period
15. Research On The Relationship Between Environmental Quality And Economic Transition
16. The Impact Of Studying Abroad Experience On Entrepreneurship Intention
17. Anthropological Investigation On The Economic Transformation Of Qianping Village In Northern Guizhou Since The Reform And Opening Up
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