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1. Study On Vocational Education Development In The Process Of Urbanization
2. The Research On The Change Of The Occupational Structure Of Our Country
3. The FDI's Effect On The Industry Structure And Employment Sturcture
4. Research On The Relations Between Educational Structure, Industrial Structure And Employment Structure
5. Study Of The Structure And Status Quo Of Perceived Barriers In Masters' Employment
6. Study On The Effects Of FDI On Domestic Employment Of Three Leveled Industries
7. Analysis Of Foreign Direct Investment's Effect On The Employment Of Labor Force In China
8. Research On College Students' Employment Circumstances And Intension
9. The Dual-linkage On Educational-Employment Structure And Employment-Industrial Structure: A New Perspective To Ease The Structural Contradictions In The Labor Market
10. An Analysis Of The Impacts Of Foreign Direct Investment On Hubei Province's Employment
11. Study On Employment Structure Of Graduates In Jiangsu Province
12. Female Workers In The Social Change, Changes In Development Of The Industrial Structure
13. Fdi On The Employment Impact Of The Northeast Region
14. A Study On The Relationship Among Higher Education Structure, Industrial Structure And Employment Structure In Inner
15. Changes In The Exchange Rate Of Employment
16. China's Foreign Direct Investment, Domestic Employment Effects Studies
17. The Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment In The Employment Structure Of Jiangsu Province
18. Demographic Analysis On The Reasonableness Of China’s Employment Structure
19. The Research On The Employment Orientation Of China’s Current College Students
20. Study On Population Agglomeration Path In Developing Hefei Into Regional Metropolis Like City
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