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1. Research On Reform Of Achievement Evaluation Of Physical Education For Primary And High School In China
2. An Experimental Research On Introduction To New Lessons For Junior Middle School Physics Teaching
3. An Investigation And Analytical Study On High School Students' Biology Learning In Lhasa
4. Research And Study On English Learning Situation In Wuhan Foreign Trade School
5. Cultivating Learning Interest Of Integrated Senior High School English Learners Through Interactive English Classroom
6. A Guide And A Study Of Inquiry Learning In Junior Physics Class
7. Task-based Approach In EFL Reading Class
8. An Experimental Research On The Influence Of Exploiting And Developing The Physical Education Curriculum Resource On Middle School Student's Physical Education Learning Interest
9. The Research On The Cooperative And Inquiry Teaching Model In Junior High School Physics Tearching
10. The Influence On The Role Of PE Teachers In Middle Schools Exerted By The Implementation Of The New Criteria For The Course Of Physical Education And Fitness As Reflected From Students In Six Middle Schools In The City Of Huhhot
11. Studies On Non-Testing Assessment In High School English Classroom And The Effects On Studnents' Learning Interest
12. Affect Teaching And Learning Interest In Private High School ES1 Classroom
13. Effects Of Biology Research Learning On The Students' Learning Interest
14. The Compilation And Application Of Learning Interest Scale For Senior Middle School Students In Physics
15. The Research On Cultivating Secondary Vocational School Students' Learning Interest In Chemicals-studying
16. Research And Practice On Real-Life Context-Based Chemistry Instruction In Middle School
17. A Study On Application Of Native Culture In English Language Teaching
18. Task-based Learning In Chinese Senior Ⅲ Reading Class
19. Thinking About Art Teaching Taught In Primary And Senior School Through Student's Interest In Art Learning
20. MI-Based 21st Century Teens Reading Aiding Senior School English Reading Teaching
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