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1. Study On Chinese Women's Football Reserve Talents Cultivation
2. Research On The Change And Operation Governance Of Interdisciplinary Research Organizations In American Universities And Colleges
3. Change Its Operating Mechanism Of The University Teaching Process In The Information Age
4. On Changes In Our Current School Curriculum Of The Operating Mechanism
5. The Theoretical Framework And Empirical Standard Of Sports Standardization System In CHINA
6. Research On Higher Education Operating Mechanism At The Condition Of Market Economy
7. A Study Of The Development And Standardization Of Chinese Educational Share-holding System
8. Studies On Patterns And Developmental Features Of Cooperation Of Enterprisers, Universities And Scientific Research Institutions In Higher Institutions
9. The Research Of Operating Mechanism Of University's Socialized Logistics
10. Comparative Research On Current Situation Of Social Network Of Two Kinds Of Reservoir Immigrants
11. Research On Small Town Mass Sport Administration And Its Operating Mechanism In Quanzhou City
12. Research On Operating Mechanism Of Collegiate Competitive Sport In America
13. China's Urban Community Service Operating Mechanism Studying
14. Research On Ideological And Political Work Of University Teachers And Its Operating Mechanism
15. Study On Teachers Management Operating Mechanism Of Xi'an Siyuan University
16. The Study Of Introducing The Market System To The Higher Education
17. The Research Of Operating Mechanism Of Charity Foundation
18. The Study Of The Modern Vocational Education Developing Trend And The Guangxi Vocational Education Reform
19. Study On The School Interior Operating Mechanism Of Our Country Countryside Compulsory Education
20. College Students' Political Socialization: A Study On Operating Mechanism
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