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1. Effect Of Long-period And Different Kinds Of Sport Stresses On Rat Neuro-endocrinological System
2. Study On Heat Shock Protein (Hsp72) Acting As A Monitoring Marker Of Overtraining
3. Change Of CTnI, CK-MB And TNF-α In The Overtraining Rats And The Interventional Effects Of Salvia Miltiorrhiza Compound
4. The Effects On Apoptosis And Bcl-2 Protein Expression Of Rat Kidney In Different Intensities Of Exercise
5. Effect Of Overtraining On Intestinal Immune Function In Rats And Intervention Of Glutamine Or Soy Protein Isolate Supplementation
6. Athletes Training Condition Monitoring Scale Developed
7. The Research About The Effects Of Overtraining And Dansheng Injection On Cardiac Muscle Apoptosis In Rats
8. The Influence Of Overtraining On Skeletal Muscle Antioxidant System And HSP72Expression
9. The Research Of Over Training Of Chinese Elite Female Short Track Speed Skaters
10. Effects And Mechanisms Of Overtraining And Glutamine Supplement On Macrophages Function
11. Study On The Protective Effect Of Anthocyanin From Purple Sweet Potato On Oxidative Injury In Overtrained Rats’ Skeletal Muscle
12. The Research Of Peroxynitrite Generation Mechanism Of Overtraining Induced In Skeletal Muscle
13. The Effect Of Allopurinol On Antioxidant Capacity Of Overtraining Rat Skeletal Muscle
14. Effects Of High Intensity Exercise And Heavy Load Training On Cell Free DNA Level In Rats And Human And Its Significance
15. Effect Of Overtraining And Supplement Complex Plant Polysaccharides On Intestinal Barrier Of Rats
16. Effect Of Excessive Swimming Training On Immune Regulation Mechanism In Mice
17. Effects Of Muscle-Specific MicroRNAs In The Cycling And Different Tissues Of Mice Overtraining Model
18. Overtraining in sport: Physiological, psychological and performance effects of participation in Division I competitive softball
19. Research On The Mechanism And Prevention Approach Of Rat Neutrophils Peroxidation Damage Induced By Overtraining
20. The Effect Of Overtraining On The Expression Level Of Brain-specific MicroRNAs In The Hippocampus Of Mice
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