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1. A Study Of Flexibility Of The Students' Thinking In The Process Of Physics Problem-solving.
2. A Primary Research On High School Students' Metacognitive Ability In Physics Problem Solving
3. An Experimental Research On Influence Of Cooperative Cognition On Physics' Problem Solving Ability Of Junior Students With Different Learning Strategies Level
4. Research On IT-based Physics Problem-solving Instruction
5. The Investigation On Grade One Student SolvingProblem Of Physics In SeniorHigh School
6. The Research On The Mode Of Problem-solving Based Learning Of Physics In Middle School
7. The Research Into Obstacles And Breakthroughs In The Teaching And Learning Of Senior High School Physics
8. The Research On Multi-Representation In Physics Teaching
9. A Research On Analysis Of Thinking-obstacles And Teaching Countermeasures Of Physics Problem-solving In Senior School Students
10. Research On Physics Problem-solving Teaching Practice Strategy In High School
11. Design Of Metacognition Questionnaire On Physics Problem Solving Of High School Student
12. The Study Of The Mental Set Of High School Students In Physics Problem Solving
13. The Study And Practice On Cultivating Junior-middle School Students' Original Physics Problem-solving Ability
14. The Research On Cultivating Ability Of Physics Problem Solving In Senior Three
15. Cultivating Intuition Thinking In High School Physics Problem Solving
16. The Effects Of Physical Mechanical Problems Representation On The Grade One High School Students' Problem-solving
17. Two Days Of Physical Solve The Problem Of Self-monitoring Ability
18. High School Physics Problem Solving In Information Acquisition And Interpretation Capabilities
19. Sts Of High School Physics Problem Solving And Teaching Strategies
20. A Study On The Obstacles And Teaching Strategies Of Thinking In Senior Middle School Students
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