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1. A Study On The Music Interactive Teaching Mode Of Preschool Education In Higher Normal School
2. A Research On The Intention Of Employment Of College Graduates In Preschool Education Major And Its Countermeasure
3. Secondary Vocational Schools, Pre-school To Professional Language Teaching And Research
4. Research On Teaching Reform Of Music Skills For Preschool Education Major In Secondary Vocational Schools
5. A Comparative Study On Curriculum Design Of Preschool Education Major In Cross - Straits Normal College
6. Research On The Current Situation, Problems And Countermeasures Of Pre - Service Training Of Kindergarten Teachers In Higher Vocational Colleges
7. A Study On The Effectiveness Of The Teaching Theory Of The Pre - School Education Major In The Honghe Prefecture Normal University
8. A Study On The Present Situation Of Students' Presentation Activities In Preschool Education Major In Honghe Prefecture Normal University
9. On Current Practical Teaching Situation Of The Skill-orientated Courses Of Preschool Education Major At Colleges And Universities
10. Non The Teacher Occupational Young Teachers And Students Of Educational Practice Management Thinking And Practice
11. Non-pre-school Professional Early Childhood Teacher Professional Development Motivation Research
12. A Study On Specialization Situation And The Countermeasures Of Preschool Music Teachers
13. Challenge And Countermeasure Of Preschool Form Teachers In Transformation Period
14. Preschool Education Major Male Undergraduates’ Professional Identification Research
15. Research On Reform And Practice Of Vocational Preschool Education Major’s Talents Training Model
16. Study On The Setting And Optimization Of Curriculum Of Preschool Education Major In Normal University In China
17. Study On Construction Of Teachers Team In Preschool Education Major
18. The Research On The Issue Of Supply And Demand Of Teachers Of Preschool Education Major In Vocational Schools In Guangdong Province
19. On The Curriculum Provision For Preschool Education Major In Secondary Vocational School
20. Investigation On The Present Situation Of The Art Of Music School Of Preschool Education Major Teaching In Weihai
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