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1. Changing Of Age Structure And Economic Growth
2. An Analysis Of The Savings Effect Of The Growth Of Life Expectancy And The Change Of Population Structure And Its Enlightenment To China
3. Demographic Dividend Change On China's Economic Growth Impact Study
4. An Empirical Analysis Of The Reason Of China‚Äôs High Savings Rate
5. China's Aging Population Impact On Economic Growth
6. The Effects Of The Age Structure Of Population On The Household Saving Rate In China:1978-2012
7. Research On Effects Of Demographic Dependency Ratio On Household Saving Rate
8. A Study Of The Relationship Between Demographic And Household Savings Rate In Zhejiang Province
9. Aging Population, The Optimal Contribution Rate And The PAYG Pension System
10. Impact Of Population Age Structure, Pension Insurance And Uncertainty On Household Savings Rate
11. Endogenous Life Expectancy,Population Structure And Savings Rate
12. The Dynamic Research Of Residents' Level Of Education On Residents Savings Rate
13. Effect Of Population Aging And Endowment Insurance On Household Savings Rate
14. Research On Transmission Mechanism Of Population Age Structure And Economic Growth
15. The Impacts Of China's Demographic Transition On Economic Growth
16. Research On Family Structure And Savings Rate
17. Study On The Impact Of Population Aging And Savings Rate On Economic Growth
18. Gender Imbalance,House Price Rise And Chinese Residents' Saving Rate
19. The Impact Of Population Aging On The Savings Rate In Japan
20. Research On The Impact Of Population Aging On Economic Growth In Guizhou Province
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