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1. The Research For Sanda Training Monitoring And Evaluating In System
2. A Study On The Construction Of Monitoring & Controlling System Of Elite Swimmers' Training Process
3. The Systematical Research On Innovation Of Sports Training
4. The Study Of Sports Training Idea About China Basketball
5. On Research Of Reconstruction Of Sport Training Professional Curriculum System
6. Research On Sport Training Participation Process Of Some Chinese Athletes With Disablities
7. The Research Of Macau And Hong Kong Undergraduates Characteristics Of Sports Training And The Relationship Of Sports Training Behavior
8. A Study On The Construction Of Monitoring And Controlling System Of Elite Canoeist' Training Process
9. Research On The Synergetic Mechanism Of Freestyle Skiing Sports Training Svstem In China
10. The Exprimental Research On EGb's Effect To Anti-fatigue Ability Of Little Rats
11. Feasibility Study On Setting Up An Altitude Training Camp In Yuzhong County, Gansu Province
12. Research After Curriculum Development Of Sports Training Speciality In P.E Institutes In China
13. Research Of Computer System Aided Sports Training And Developing Of Related Subsystem
14. The Research Of Sports Training On Rats' Spatial Cognitive Learning And Memory And On The Ultrastructure Of Their Hippocampus And Immunohistochemistry
15. Study On System Methodology Of Sports Forecast And Manufacturing Of Simulation System On Prediction Of Sports Training
16. The Promotion Of Salvia Miltiorrhiza Bunge On The Ability Of The Sporting Rats' Learning And Memory
17. Experiment Research On Free Radical Metabolism, And Cell Morphologic Effect Of Some Tissues Of High-intensity And Endurance-trained Rats Taken Ebselen
18. The Ultra Structure And Immunohistochemistry Research On The Heart Of Sports Training Rats After 28 Weeks' Rest
19. System Of Automatic Monitoring And Controlling The Environment Of Normal Atmosphere And Hypoxia
20. Experimental Study On The Effect Of Some Blood Biochemical Indices, Hormone Level And Free Radical Of End Moxibustion Zu Sanli, Guan Yuans In Trained-indurance Rats
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