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1. The Prediction Of Undergraduate Students' Participation In Physical Activity During Leisure: Research Based On Psychological Control
2. The Meaning Construction In The Classroom
3. Influence Of Teacher Traits, Student Traits And Cultural Traits On College Students' Participation In Classroom Interaction
4. Research On The Pattern Of University Students' Participation In Instruction Management
5. Improving Vocational School Students' Participation In Intensive Reading Class Through Authentic Assessment
6. The Exploration On Participating Chinese Teaching
7. Designing Different Level Learning Activities To Promote Students' Participation In English Learning
8. A Study On The Theory And Practice Of Students' Participation In The Management Of Colleges And Universities
9. On Learn To Live Together By Participation
10. Analysis On Shandong Province Ordinary University Students' Participation Awareness Present Situation And Influential Factors Of Soft Volleyball
11. An Investigation Into Students' Participation In Mathematics Teaching
12. The Curriculum Implementation Towards Students Participating
13. Research On The Participation Of University Students In Politics During Social Transformation
14. The Analysis On Reasons Of College Students' Participation In College Student Association
15. A Study On Middle School Students' Participation In Community Sports Activities In Beijing
16. Investigation And Analysis On The College Students' Participation In Physical Exercise Of Chengdu
17. A Research Of The Classroom Circumstance And Its Impact On Students' Paticipation In Teaching Process Of Maths
18. Research And Practice On College Students' Participation In The Instructional Management
19. The Study On The Present Condition Of The Impoverished College Students Participation In College Student Association
20. An Investigation Into Disadvantaged College Students' Participation In Student Societies
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