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1. A Study Of The Effects Of Physical Exercise On SWB Of Senior High School Students And Their Psychological Mechanism
2. Implicit Subject Well-being Research
3. A Cross-Cultural Research On Goal Orientation In Sport, Body Esteem, Social Physique Anxiety, Subjective Well-being Among Han And Uygur College And Middle School Students
4. The Preparation Of Studies Of Chinese Urban Residents Of Swb
5. On Teachers' Emotional Characteristics During The Course Of Their Professional Development
6. Study On The Subjective Well-being Of Novice, Proficient And Expert Teachers And Their Teaching Motivation
7. Study On Subjective Well-Being Of Female Academics
8. The Investigation Of The Subjective Well-being Of Primary School Teacher In Jiuquan Town
9. Comparative Research On The Happiness Viewpoints Of The Urban Residents In Easter And Wester China
10. Walk Along The Edge Of Happiness
11. Personal Strivings And Its Relationship With Personality Traits,Subjective Well-being Of Undergraduates
12. The Study On Effect Of Group Counseling To Coping Styles And Subjective Well-being Among College Students
13. The Subjective Well-being Of Pre-school Teachers And Its Factors
14. Research On The Relationship Among Self-esteem,Locus Of Control And SWB In Middle School Students
15. An Investigation On Subjective Well-being Of Middle School Teachers
16. A Comparative Study On Subjective Well-being Of Junior High School Students Between Urban Areas And Rural Areas
17. A Study On The Influence Of Self-worth And Social Support On Vocational School Students' Subjective Well-being
18. The Research On The Subjective Well-being Of Learning Disability
19. The Correlative Research About The Subjective Well-being And Pressure-copying Style Of University Student
20. The Study On Middle School Students' Learning Subjective Well-being And Its Influencing Factors
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